A Pre-wedding Party

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The wedding was to be in London but the Grooms parents had several friends who would not be able to travel down for the actual wedding - so they threw a party up on the Wirral. Step in Feast al Fresco with a hot buffet of Organic Butter Beans with Beef and Pork Meatballs in an almond sauce.

We had fresh salads, marinated olives and a selection of four sweets. But the sweets had to wait! We brought with us our Greek musician friends who played quietly whilst the guests ate their first course. Then the Zorba music started. Thanassis got the hosts up and eventually he had a line of forty people dancing round the lawn. The musicians kept playing. They could see that everyone was having a good time, so they kept playing. Half an hour later I asked them to please stop playing before Thanassis had a heart attack!! Also, I had spent ages making the sweets and wanted the guests to have enough energy to reach the buffet table to get their pudding!!

Whilst the sweets were being served Thanassis decided to show the bride what to do on days when she couldnt be bothered with the washing up. We took home 4 of the 40 plates that we had started with! I'm not sure the grooms mother was too impressed with Thanassis's ideas about housework!!

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