80th Birthday Party

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We recently catered for a lovely family celebration. Dad was 80 so everyone was invited to his daughters house. There was quite a mixture of guests who didn't all know eachother so everyone was given a badge with their name and how they were related to the birthday boy! I thought it was a lovey touch, it meat that lots of conversations were easily started and got the party going with a swing. 

We set up in the garden, just fitting nicely onto the patio. The plan was for people to be sitting outside in the sunshine - but it rained :( I t wasnt a problem though, there was room for everyone inside. We served a selection of four different canapes, making sure that the vegetarians had a choice also. Then everyone came out to the patio to pick up a plate for us to fill with salads and succulent roasted meat. One of the salads that had been chosen was couscous with roasted vegetables, due to the cold weather we served that one hot, to help warm everyone up. The sweets went down nicely, as usual! We didnt serve tea and coffee on this occassion as the hostess was happy to make hot drinks for people in her kitchen. 

We were cleaned up and out of the way before the last of the guests had left. All in all a lovely family do!



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