Moslem Wedding

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We recently catered for a small Moslem wedding.  We always seek to provide a service that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and this was an occasion when this flexability came into its own.

The wedding was held at the grooms house with a marquee in the back garden. We served canapes with Halal chicken and vegetable ingredients and spit roasted a Halal lamb and six Halal chickens. All the meat was sourced from the L7 Viallage Supermarket in Liverpool which has a high quality Halal butcher.

We provided an alchohol free bar, consisiting of all glasses, cooling facilities and staff to serve the drinks.

The men were served in the marquee whilst the women partied indoors. We ensured that only women staff served the food so that the women could feel comfortable 'letting their hair down' inside! It was a joyful occassion and we were glad that we were able to comply with all the families' wishes.

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