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Tea and Cake following Baptism

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Last Sunday we provided cakes for one hundred people following a Baptism ceremony. The cakes were laid out on cake stands for the guests to help themselves. We tried a new line - mini Black Forest Gateau. They looked lovely. There was one problem though - the rush to get one before they all went!!

80th Birthday Party

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We recently catered for a lovely family celebration. Dad was 80 so everyone was invited to his daughters house. There was quite a mixture of guests who didn't all know eachother so everyone was given a badge with their name and how they were related to the birthday boy! I thought it was a lovey touch, it meat that lots of conversations were easily started and got the party going with a swing. 

We set up in the garden, just fitting nicely onto the patio. The plan was for people to be sitting outside in the sunshine - but it rained :( I t wasnt a problem though, there was room for everyone inside. We served a selection of four different canapes, making sure that the vegetarians had a choice also. Then everyone came out to the patio to pick up a plate for us to fill with salads and succulent roasted meat. One of the salads that had been chosen was couscous with roasted vegetables, due to the cold weather we served that one hot, to help warm everyone up. The sweets went down nicely, as usual! We didnt serve tea and coffee on this occassion as the hostess was happy to make hot drinks for people in her kitchen. 

We were cleaned up and out of the way before the last of the guests had left. All in all a lovely family do!



Wedding with Afternoon Tea

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We were very proud of our latest wedding where we provided afternoon tea for 80 guests at 2pm. There was a selection of four different sandwiches each on white and brown bread, followed by scones with homemade strawberry jam. To top it all off there was a selection of six different cakes and biscuits displayed on three tiered cake stands. It was extremely satisfying to put the cake stands down on the tables and hear the exclamations usually beginning with 'Meringues! My favourite, oh but there's Millionaires shortbread, oh and chocolate brownies, oh no I don't know which to choose!'

We finished serving the afternoon tea by 4pm and then started to clear away and set up for the evening. At 8pm we served spit roasted lamb and chickens with two salads, tzatziki, fresh bread, olives and mint sauce. In the evening there were 150 guests but there was plenty of food for all.We didn't leave the site until 1am, but the party was still going with a swing!

We were exhausted, but left feeling very happy because we knew that the bride and groom had had exactly the day that they had wanted.


Feast al Fresco Succulent Pork

Feast al Fresco by

Our Head Chef with his favourite friend! We buy most of our meat from family run butcher Edge and Sons - 2014 winner of the BBC Food and Farming Award. This photo was taken in the butchers where Thanassis puts the animals on the spit the day before they are roasted.

A Pre-wedding Party

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The wedding was to be in London but the Grooms parents had several friends who would not be able to travel down for the actual wedding - so they threw a party up on the Wirral. Step in Feast al Fresco with a hot buffet of Organic Butter Beans with Beef and Pork Meatballs in an almond sauce.

We had fresh salads, marinated olives and a selection of four sweets. But the sweets had to wait! We brought with us our Greek musician friends who played quietly whilst the guests ate their first course. Then the Zorba music started. Thanassis got the hosts up and eventually he had a line of forty people dancing round the lawn. The musicians kept playing. They could see that everyone was having a good time, so they kept playing. Half an hour later I asked them to please stop playing before Thanassis had a heart attack!! Also, I had spent ages making the sweets and wanted the guests to have enough energy to reach the buffet table to get their pudding!!

Whilst the sweets were being served Thanassis decided to show the bride what to do on days when she couldnt be bothered with the washing up. We took home 4 of the 40 plates that we had started with! I'm not sure the grooms mother was too impressed with Thanassis's ideas about housework!!

Moslem Wedding

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We recently catered for a small Moslem wedding.  We always seek to provide a service that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and this was an occasion when this flexability came into its own.

The wedding was held at the grooms house with a marquee in the back garden. We served canapes with Halal chicken and vegetable ingredients and spit roasted a Halal lamb and six Halal chickens. All the meat was sourced from the L7 Viallage Supermarket in Liverpool which has a high quality Halal butcher.

We provided an alchohol free bar, consisiting of all glasses, cooling facilities and staff to serve the drinks.

The men were served in the marquee whilst the women partied indoors. We ensured that only women staff served the food so that the women could feel comfortable 'letting their hair down' inside! It was a joyful occassion and we were glad that we were able to comply with all the families' wishes.

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