Our StoryArtemis, the Goddess of the countryside

Family run…

text is a family run, high quality, outside catering company with a difference.

text offers a catering service with a difference. We can cater for indoor and outdoor functions from formal sit down service meals to large garden buffets. We guarantee every party will go with a swing as our energetic and friendly staff provide you with fine dining restaurant quality food at the location of your choice.

We work with our clients to establish the perfect site and help organise their selected programme of events. We plan for different weather conditions so that we are ready to cater whatever the weather.

We provide a service that takes all the worry away from those who should be enjoying the party!

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Fresh quality food…

text specialises in spit roasting whole animals and offers authentic traditional Mediterranean barbecues - a unique, mouth watering experience.

All our meat is sourced locally from a traditional butcher and organically reared meat is an option when available.

The art of spit roasting is a traditional Mediterranean technique of cooking a whole animal. The authentic barbecue way is to cook the animal slowly with radiant heat over an open lump-wood charcoal or real wood fire. operates a unique, specially designed rotisserie that can be towed to almost any location to provide a fantastic centrepiece to any feast.

No gas or electricity for cooking our animals.....

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Food our inspiration…

Our inspiration and origins go back to our Mediterranean patron Artemis, the Goddess of the countryside, twin sister of Apollo and deliverer of the Nymph Daphne from his amorous chase. The spirit of Artemis is alive and well in every feast we organise!

One of our greatest assets is our Head Chef, a true descendant of Artemis! With over forty years experience in roasting animals, his enthusiasm for good food and drink is infectious. He makes sure that every feast goes with a swing!

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We want you to enjoy…

At text we encourage the participation of guests. Our cooking is transparent and accessible for guests to look, smell and enjoy! We pride ourselves in the high quality of our presentation. Our food looks good and tastes even better.

Our package is tailor made to each individual client’s requirements. It includes all cutlery and crockery, speciality sauces, fresh olives and condiments. All tables also have fresh flowers and fruit decorations. And of course our friendly and obliging service. No hidden extras!

A full bar service can also be provided if requested.

text will bring everything and leave no mess behind.

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Home Grown…

At text we grow all our own vegetables in our family garden. We pride ourselves on having the freshest ingredients to provide you with the tastiest and healthiest meal possible. In the summer we pick your desired vegetables the very morning of your special day. We are passionate about our food and only source from trusted and traditional producers.

We import our speciality olives from a family friend in Greece and they are the freshest and most ripe you can find! Our olive oil is also sourced directly from small producers in Greece. We know them personally and trust the quality of their products implicitly. Our wild herbs are hand picked every summer on Mount Olympus and we use them exclusively to marinate our meats.

Fine ingredients for fine dining at a venue of your choice!

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Thanassis and Tricia